The fashion industry at large, like any industry, is facing sustainability challenges both environmental and social. As a country, Sweden has long since held a torch to these subjects in the face of shifting global sentiments and pushbacks.

From development, to production, to presentation, there are always challenges and demands both internal and external that push any one individual to perform to the best of their ability.

Fashion exists in a system where the pressure cooker approach has the potential to yield great results for anyone involved.

Where this system falters is when the individuals efforts and incentives adversely affect their overall well-being to the point of physical and/or mental anguish.

The Swedish Fashion Ethical Guidelines is an effort to bring brands, model agencies, production houses, and factories together in a unified effort to continually iron out the kinks that expose those within our industry on every vertical.


Made in collaboration with the industry. Improved with time.


  1. Swedish fashion values the rehabilitation of those adversely affected by their passion. Given todays ever changing media landscape we, the ASFB and its members, understand that working in and around fashion has the potential of putting individuals in an exposed position in terms of both mental and physical health.
    Because of this we encourage a healthy dialogue between cooperating parties concerning the challenges that models, celebrities, social media profiles and others that experience this exposure might be facing.
    As well as encouraging support for their betterment.
  2. We value diversity in areas such as ethnicity, body type, age, and coding. We are aware of and take responsibility for the impact that the fashion industry has on body and beauty ideals for all ages and identities.
  3. We advocate a healthy lifestyle and healthy body image that reflects a wholesome relationship to food, body, and exercise.
  4. We respect and protect our colleagues and employees, as well as the models we hire.
  5. We strive to always ensure the models, social media profiles, and crew's health and safety when working together.


  1. We hire models and social media profiles that are over the age of 18 (unless presenting children or youth clothing).
  2. We strive towards a diversified representation of appearances, ethnicity, age, and body types.
  3. We hire healthy models, social media profiles, and crew. "Healthy" meaning there are no overt signs of physiological, dietary, or mental stress as a result of their profession.
  4. We provide all models with nutritious and healthy food at work exceeding 4 hours, and a larger meal at work exceeds 6 hours.
  5. We do not provide alcohol to models, social media profiles, and crew during work hours.
  6. We offer intermissions in accordance with Swedish labor laws.
  7. We offer models and social media profiles a separate dressing room.
  8. Agreements concerning specific wages and demands are established between model agency or model, social media profiles, and the customer as well as between the model, social media profile and their respective agencies. Greater transparency and declaration of individual rights for the model and/or social media profile is requested for this relationship.
  9. We pause the contracts of models and social media profiles who do not meet the standards as outlined above (although with reimbursement for work already completed).
  10. In a commercial production setting we do not speak with or to the models in matters regarding their personal appearance, weight, or health status.
  11. In cases of concern or visible signs of the diminishing health of models, social media profile, or crew we report to the point of contact and follow up on individuals that show signs of health issues within in a reasonable amount of time after the production is wrapped.


  1. The model agencies acknowledge an age limit of 18 years in order to work in the industry full time. A bar for the agencies hiring standards must be that the model finishes school before engaging in a full time professional career.
  2. Models must receive a fair wage for their work.
    Deviations this requirement  are only possible in consultation with the model in matters of educational institutions, student projects, charitable and/or non-profit publications (publications without advertising revenue or other income through sales).
  3. Model agencies should offer schooling in nutrition, diet and mental health to all new models starting their career. The intention is to strengthen and support the young models for them to better cope with the pressure of unrealistic body ideals, which is a great part of, and will effect them wile pursing, their modelling career.


  1. We strive to promote a safe working environment on and off set free from harassment of anyone involved and hold ourselves and colleagues accountable.


  1. Any brand, agency, production house, publication, stylist, or agent can support The Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter by signing this policy. The goal is to establish a broad coalition of key stakeholders and companies (modelling agencies, fashion magazines, media, designers, trade associations, photographers, stylists, advertising agencies, public relations agencies and exhibition organisers).
  2. The ASFB collects and archives the signatures. As long as the statutes are being upheld the signer may use a forthcoming certificate logo and any provided material related to these guidelines in their own channels as they please.
  3. The names collected will be listed on a forthcoming public website set up by the ASFB, and linked to through participating stakeholder.


  1. Select organizations and individuals form a referral and evaluation body for the Swedish Fashion Ethical Guidelines.
  2. This body meets twice per year to evaluate progress and is also prepared to meet at other times if required.
  3. This body has the authority to exclude stakeholders that do not meet the demands of the charter. In the event of exclusion, the following actions will be taken:

    1. Prohibition to use of the logo obtained by signing the charter.


For a signable copy of the Swedish Fashion Ethical Guidelines please reach out to: