A Night of Elegance and Recognition: The NK Gala 2023

A Night of Elegance and Recognition: The NK Gala 2023

Winners of the evening.

A Night of Elegance and Recognition: The NK Gala 2023

A Night of Elegance and Recognition: The NK Gala 2023

Celebrating Excellence in Swedish Fashion

The NK Gala 2023 was an enchanting evening that brought together luminaries from the heart of Swedish fashion. This prestigious event, held at the NK department store, was a captivating celebration of style, innovation, and creativity.

Hosted by Emilia de Poret: A Night to Remember

Emilia de Poret, host of the evening.

Emilia de Poret, the charismatic host of the evening, ensured that the gala remained a vibrant and memorable affair. Her infectious energy and charm kept the party alive as she skillfully handed out awards and engaged with guests throughout the night.

A Feast for the Senses: Culinary Delights by In-House Restaurants

Guests were treated to an exquisite culinary experience courtesy of NK's renowned in-house restaurants. The delightful dinner served was a true testament to the store's commitment to offering not just fashion but also a taste of sophistication.

Honoring Visionaries in Fashion

Jennie Rosén, Innovator of the Year

One of the highlights of the evening was the awards ceremony, where industry trailblazers were recognized for their outstanding contributions. Our very own Project Director, John-Jamal Gille, nominated Jennie Rosén, the CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council, for the coveted title of Innovator Of The Year. Jennie Rosén's visionary leadership has transformed the Swedish fashion landscape. Her groundbreaking initiatives, including the Incubator program, have catapulted young Swedish high fashion brands onto the global stage. Through the Incubator program, these emerging talents have gained international recognition, solidifying Swedish fashion's presence in the world of high fashion. Jennie Rosén's dedication and innovation have not only shaped the industry's future but have also nurtured the next generation of fashion luminaries.

Martina Bonnier, Impact of the Year

Martina Bonnier, a true luminary in the fashion world, was celebrated with the Impact of the Year award. Her contribution to the fashion scene is nothing short of exceptional. Martina's brainchild, Vogue Scandinavia, has become a cornerstone of both Swedish and Scandinavian fashion reporting. With Martina at the helm, Vogue Scandinavia has not only expanded the legacy of Vogue but has also played a pivotal role in strengthening Scandinavia's relations with the global fashion industry. It's a testament to Martina's vision and dedication that Vogue Scandinavia has become an essential platform, bridging the gap between the Nordic fashion scene and the world stage.

Alva Bratt, Future Prospect of the Year

Alva Bratt, recipient of the Future Prospect of the Year award, is making waves not only in the world of fashion but also in the world of entertainment. Recently, she showcased her exceptional talent as Lollo Millkvist in the hit Netflix series "Barracuda Queens." Her compelling portrayal in the series has garnered acclaim and recognition, solidifying her status as a rising star in both the fashion and entertainment industries.

Richard Ntege, Style Icon of the Year

Notably, Richard Ntege, a visionary stylist and founder of Siadds Atelier, was celebrated as the Style Icon of the Year, further emphasizing the influence of his unique sense of style on the fashion landscape.

A Night to Remember

The NK Gala 2023 was a night filled with elegance, sophistication, and an unwavering commitment to celebrating excellence in Swedish fashion. It showcased the dynamic fusion of creativity, innovation, and style that defines our industry.

As we look back on this remarkable evening, we extend our gratitude to Emilia de Poret, our visionary host, and all those who contributed to making this event a resounding success. The NK Gala continues to be a beacon of inspiration, uniting fashion enthusiasts, industry leaders, and creatives in a celebration of the artistry that defines Swedish fashion.

Photo wall - Jari Kantola
Event photos - Karina Ljungdahl

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